Sunday, 1 July 2012

To the Efteling again

Very quickly after the last time I went to the Efteling (a theme park), I got an e-mail from another organisation inviting me to come to the Efteling. Seeing as I didn’t get to see everything in the park the first time and that a lot of friends were coming, I decided to go again. I was allowed to take someone with me, so of course, I took my sister, since she didn’t get to see everything she wanted the last time either.

Today was the day. So we went to the Efteling. This time my sister and I would drive all by ourselves (well, she would drive and I would be the passenger, as I don’t have my driver’s license yet) and we decided we wouldn’t walk in a group at the theme park. The reason for this wasn’t to be anti-social. In fact, like I said, there were a lot of friends. The reason was that we actually have been going to this theme park so often, that we’ve created a few strict routines. We don’t have every single attraction planned out, but we do start and end with exactly the same attractions and we know which route we love to take the most. The last time we went to the Efteling we had to listen to what the others wanted as well of course (which is fine, every human being has their own needs, don’t worry) and there have also been a lot of big things going on in our lives lately. Things like losing jobs, father in the hospital for a few days, she losing her boyfriend, me losing my boyfriend… A lot of insecurities going around.

So routine was very much needed by the both of us. We did get a text message stating when we were to meet with the group (which also split up in little groups) to eat lunch and one more time to take a group picture. This was actually great, since we could still have our routine, but also have some quality time with our friends. It all worked out! So I don’t have a lot to say about this trip to the Efteling itself besides all of the above actually. It all just worked out greatly and we had a fun time.

At the end of the day, though, we were both very tired as we had both slept terribly the night before the Efteling. We decided to go home half an hour early, but that was fine as we had done everything we really wanted to do. On the way home we had to make a stop so my sister could rest… In a one hour drive… That’s how tired we were.

After having dinner, I decided to take a rest in bed with a good book. Only, after a few pages, my whole body just gave up. My fatigue didn’t just set in… It went in overdrive. It was a similar feeling as to how I felt after I got back from Leavesden Studios. My fatigue was indescribable. I’m guessing that’s how you must feel after running a marathon? I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open. I tried, but it was an effort on itself. I got very dizzy. My muscles started twitching from pure fatigue. I was wriggling in my bed from restlessness. This may sound odd, but I was actually feeling so bad from fatigue, that I couldn’t sleep. I know, it’s a contradiction in itself. It’s a terrible feeling. At some point my temperature started going up too.

I recognised the symptoms and knew that I had lost the battle against fatigue. I had nothing to do but to succumb to it, since if I wouldn’t, a fever would’ve taken me. I (God, I’m starting way too many sentences with ‘I’) layed my book next to my bed and let myself drift away. It was actually way too early, which would mean for me to wake up in the middle of the night, but I had no choice.

Afterwards I felt a lot better. My body wasn’t 100% yet, but I had slept enough and my temperature and muscles were back to normal. I took my laptop downstairs and… Well… Started writing this. So we’re at the present now. I’m hoping I won’t be sleeping way too late tonight. Luckily I made it a point not to plan anything the day after the Efteling, since I knew I would be too tired. So I can sleep in tomorrow.

So in conclusion: I had a great day! But as usual, I have to pay for it by feeling terrible. I’m seriously considering if I should use a wheelchair in things like theme parks in the future. All doctors keep saying I shouldn’t, as that would make me even less fit, as I would miss exercise. But I wonder if using one for just those days would really make such a difference and if I wouldn’t enjoy my day more if I didn’t have to go through something like this afterwards. Of course, I would just stand in line like anyone else, as there’s nothing wrong with my legs. I’m just considering it for the long walks in the theme park…
Don’t know yet, just pondering over this… If I were to decide this, I’d take it up with my doctor first.

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