Friday, 20 July 2012

Another beautiful day

The day actually didn’t start out as good as the title suggested. I got woken before my alarm clock went off by work that was going on at the house next to us, that’s getting prepared to be sold. There was drilling and hammering going on. This sound was as bad as when I would stand next to the music boxes in a disco. It went right through me and immediately my good mood from yesterday vanished from the face of the Earth. All I knew was that right then I was being attacked to the inner core of my being by this awful sound. Luckily I have earplugs in my bedroom for these kind of things, so I put them on. Still, the sound was so loud, I was even bothered by it with the earplugs in and even if I wasn’t, I couldn’t keep on sleeping anyways, because I wouldn’t be able to hear the alarm clock and I had an appointment.

So after I somewhat recovered from the first shock, I went downstairs with a terrible mood. After trying to endure the sound (through the earplugs) for a while, I decided to get into town early, because I thought even the city would be better than more of this. I went to a bakery to treat myself to something nice for breakfast to lift my mood. Right before I ordered, some road crew workers decided that was a good time to start drilling away some of the pavement. Yea… City… I ordered my food and took it inside the train station. Yes, the train station, at this point, was even a better place than the city centre and my house.

After I finished my breakfast, my friend arrived for the appointment. We both complained about life while walking to our appointment. As luck would have it, the person we had an appointment with ran 30 minutes late.

“So how is this another beautiful day?” you might wonder. Well, this is where the day started to get A LOT better. Our appointment we had was to find, both financial and in advise, help for the charity event for autism we are putting together. We explained our idea and the person we had an appointment with was immediately taken by our plans! He loved it! So we came to an agreement and now we’re working together with that foundation. With their help, we can probably realise most of the plans that we came up with!

This made me so very happy! And not just this, but the fact that this seems to happen a lot with this event. The moment we tell about our plans, it seems that people can’t wait to help us in any way they can. We get so much offers of help, that we even have to say to some people that they’ll have to wait, since there is so much we still need to work through!
I’m so moved by this. People are truly lining up just to be a part of something great and something that can truly help people who need it. I want to thank everyone who does their best in their own way to help make this world a better place. Take a moment to be very proud of yourself. You deserve it.

Being very pleased with both ourselves, that foundation we had an appointment with and the world; I decided I would treat ourselves to a nice and big lunch in the city centre. The place I chose for this has a nice terrace, but since it was still a bit noisy outside, we went inside. During this lunch we had a great talk. It has been way too long since we had a good talk, so we were both happy with this. It’s always great catching up with friends, even better with your best friend.

At the end of the lunch we were very pleased with how the day turned out and we were full of ideas for our event. (don’t you just LOVE an event going right? Well maybe not, maybe that’s just me… But I LOVE THAT! Seeing plans realised like this… Yay!)

I waved my friend goodbye at the train station and then I went to the supermarket to get some stuff for the weekly autism market tomorrow. After that I went home and… fell asleep. The moment I woke up, dinner was ready. As I have had a big lunch right before falling asleep, I wasn’t very hungry yet, so I couldn’t eat a bite. That’s fine, I simply didn’t need any. Feeling very sleepy still, I just checked my mail and stuff like that. Suddenly my phone warned me that I was too late for my massage! (thank you electronic agenda!) I jumped to my feet and stepped in the car (my sister drove me). In the car I called the masseuse to tell her that I would be late and why. I hate being late, so the whole drive there I was nervous as hell. Luckily she understood and simply went to do her job while we had a nice conversation. This lifted my nervousness and I just relaxed.

Now I might be very tired, but I’m also very satisfied with the day and very relaxed. My faith in humanity has gone up a lot today too. Again, thank you everyone who is making this world a better place. Keep doing what you do! Even if it’s not your job or something like that. Just offering to help, or even showing up at such an event… Or even if you’re just donating a little bit, or helping out someone who’s struggling with something, or simple stuff like that. We don’t just need the big things in life, but the small things count for a lot too, sometimes even more. Thank you everyone.

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