Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A staple and into the city with a friend

Yesterday I had a sort of ‘business meeting’ planned for the event I’m working on. It wasn’t exactly ‘business’, as we’re all volunteers, but you get the idea… One of the board members couldn’t make it, because she fell ill. (get well soon!) My best friend, who’s the chairman, and my sister did come to the meeting.

Last weekend I spent a lot of time working on papers for this meeting. Well, I worked together with the rest of the board, but I was the one typing it out. I must say, I was pretty proud of the final product and was happy to print it all out and staple it together. While stapling, I managed to staple in my index finger. Just one side of the staple and it didn’t fold over, so I could easily get it out of my finger, but it hurt like hell, since it went in pretty deep.

As soon as I hurt myself like this, all my attention turns to getting rid of the pain as much as possible, as I’m very sensitive to pain. To most things actually… While panicking a bit about my pain, I also tried to figure out on how to hold a professional meeting, while still in pain. Luckily the pain quickly got less, since it was a puncture wound, which heals quickly. It also turned out that flapping my hand greatly reduced the pain even more. If I would just keep on flapping my hand and explain people why I did that, I would be fine. (I’m trying to avoid typing with this finger at the moment, since bumping it into something still hurts a bit. That’s difficult if you’re used to typing with all fingers…)

I got my jacked on and my little bag with me (I have this bag that I always keep with me, as it holds all the stuff that I could need in a day) and got into the car. My sister drove us there and I was still focussed very much on my pain and the flapping of my hand.

During the meeting, they started talking about the papers I worked on. Suddenly I realised that I completely forgot about them. They were laying on the table. Stapled. Ready to be taken to the meeting… And I forgot them. Everyone understood and I was quickly forgiven, as I was still in pain, but still… I felt ashamed and I also felt a bit bad about working so hard on getting a paper ready and then not taking it with me. I still have these papers at home now.

After the meeting, my best friend and I went into the city centre. I needed some stuff for the weekly autism meeting and for my sister, and I just dragged him with me for company. We were both in the mood for some laughing, after a long meeting. I knew that I would need quite some time in the city, so I wasn’t looking forward to all the tiredness that I would feel eventually. That’s part of why I dragged my best friend with me.

While in the city, we had some good laughs. We laughed about parts of our past and we laughed about some funny stuff they were selling in a cheap store. We had a great time. Before I knew it, a lot of time had passed and I still didn’t feel all that bad. I guess this is a small example of Kansas. (for a description of Kansas, see Aaron Likens his glossary. It’s not about geography: Glossary ) That time passes when you’re having fun, is a common given. But now I also lost very little energy, while spending a lot of time in the city. This is the second time something like this happened in a short period (see: A fantastic day! ). A good sign maybe? I hope so.

I thanked my best friend (and I will thank him again: thank you!) for taking the time to distract me from having to go into the city centre.
He recently got new shoes, so walking in them for that long was hurting his feet. We decided that he would sit at my home for a little while to rest. My mother seemed to pick up on the great day I was having, so she offered him to stay and eat dinner. He happily accepted, so the fun time was extended for a little while longer.

About an hour after dinner, we both agreed that the day should come to an end, so my sister drove him to the train station and I went along. At the train station we said our goodbyes and that was the end of a great day. That’s okay, everything should come to an end at some point. I do wonder if I’ll have more of these days where my Chronic Fatigue doesn’t seem to bother me that much in the future. Do I dare hope?

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