Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A break

Yesterday my sister and I went to my best friend, since the three of us could use a break and we also had some stuff to discuss for the event we’re working on. So my sister and I went to Amsterdam. It’s been a while since I went with public transport with a purpose other than just driving around on a train. It was nice, since it’s a familiar route for me, but I still think Amsterdam is way too crowded. As most people probably do, I guess.

At my friend’s house we had a lot of fun. We worked on the event (finding a good place for it is a bit more difficult than we thought, but not impossible. We’ll find something) and we played some games. We had some good fun and scare while watching my friend play Amnesia. I don’t get scared easily, but I must say that further in the game, Amnesia gets pretty scary. We also played some other games and had some more laughs.

At the end of the day, my stomach ache played up again and I could only eat in tiny bits, which I disliked. Right before going to bed, my legs, arms, back and fingers started to hurt too. Just when I was about to actually go to bed, my back totally cramped up. God, I hate how I can’t just have a fun day, without having to end my story with something like that. Luckily my sister was there to give me a neck massage (turned out that my aches started there) and to give me a pain killer. This allowed for me to crawl into my bed. Still, we had so much fun at my friend’s house, and my head has cleared up a lot, that I still think it was worth it. We should definitely do this again someday!

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a fun day. It’s not a day wasted, it’s a day very much needed to be able to do the other things too.

Today I have the only day with nothing planned, so of course I had a lot of things to do. This always seem to happen. Empty days don’t exist, there’s always something that needs to be done. So I made a few phone calls. Only, these phone calls got my head full with information, and now I can’t focus on anything anymore, so I need a break again. So I’m going to take some time for myself now, before I start studying my theory for my driving exam. How can a person be jobless and still be so busy? Seriously… Now, time for that break.

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