Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A fantastic day!

Today was just what I needed! My sister has been asking me to take her to a certain swimming pool for a few years now actually. This swimming pool is the Aqua Mundo in the Eemhof. Aqua Mundo is a great tropical swimming paradise. They have all sorts of things you can do there. One of those things is a fast water ride (I have no idea how that’s called in English, sorry people, feel free to tell me. In Dutch it’s Wildwaterbaan).
I’ve been there more often and have enthusiastically told my sister all about it and she wanted to go too.

Now I’ve finally taken her there. We had a blast at the swimming pool, especially at the fast water ride. We went at least ten times! There were a few times where we bumped into people and I’m sure I’ll be all black and blue tomorrow, but we had way too much fun to be really bothered for long. Usually these things would drive me crazy and make me very nervous, but I was too wrapped up in the activity, or rather, in Kansas. (I borrowed the definition of Kansas from Aaron. See the meaning of it in his glossary: Glossary )

My sister and I took out enough time in the day at the swimming pool, to be able to just take it easy. We even took at an hour to get dressed up afterwards. Being able to rest a lot and take it easy, made me feel almost, dare I say it, ‘normal’ at the end of the day. I did feel tired, but it wasn’t the usual devastating tiredness that usually rules my life at the end of a big day. It was just ‘normal’ tiredness, as everyone feels it. Just tired enough to close my eyes and even want to sleep, but no joints were hurting, I wasn’t so tired I was crying, I didn’t have an overload… Not any of this! Just, normal, plain, tired. I missed that feeling.

After swimming, my sister and I went to my favourite restaurant. We were a bit early, so we waited at a nearby beach, enjoying the calm, quiet and the soft breeze that was there. Then we went inside to eat dinner. This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, so we ate until we were full. This restaurant can be a bit crowded sometimes, which can cause me to overload, but it wasn’t this time. Some days can be hard, but sometimes days just happen to work out exactly the way you want them to.

Afterwards we were both tired and full. But most of all, we were satisfied. We had a great day and are feeling great.


  1. The breeze was f***** cold T_T But it was a great day! :D Everything went better than expected :)

    1. Haha, yes, but it's your own fault for not bringing your jacket from the car really... x'D And a definite 'YES!' to the rest!