Thursday, 20 June 2013

A mess

Hey everyone. I know I keep promising to update my blog more often and then I don't. I'm sorry. It's because my head is such a mess. I'm all over the place. So I'm writing this on my mobile phone, in bed. No obligations in bed.

Life is just getting too confusing for me and it's making me lose track of so many things, even my physical therapist has begun pointing out things in my life that I'm forgetting. No I'm not talking about excercise. She actually remembers who I said I'd call better than me.

This is partly because soon I'll take my driver's exam for the third time and this many exams is draining my money.
But mostly it's because... well... I'm growing up. And I don't seem to cope with it as well as others seem to do, because of my autism and chronic fatigue. I need guidance in finding a living place for my own, for managing my house, managing finances, managing my household, etc. I also need medical care for my chronic fatigue. There are special budgets for people who need that much care. I've been trying to figure out how to get it for a year and a half. I've been to a lot of organisations for that.

I seem to finally understand what papers I need... But I don't understand the papers. I asked the guiding-organisation which I want to hire once I have that budget. They told me I need that budget first before they can help me. It's weird: I need guidance to be able to finance my guidance!

There actually turns out to be an organisation who provides help with such things for free. Yay! So I called them. They said they could come over, but needed some papers from my psychologist first (not the diagnosis paper. I have that. Other papers). I asked my psychologist. She explained to me that the organisation was wrong. They didn't need those papers.

Now I have to call back the guiding organisation to tell them my psychologist said they were wrong.

Oh and all this is just for papers to get an CIZ indication, which apparantly is just something you need in order to be ABLE to apply for the budget I need. So I need help with applying for that too.

Everything in adult life is so confusing to me, that I need help. In order to get that help, I need a budget. In order to get that budget, I need help... and apparantly that help is getting me the wrong information too!
So tomorrow I'll call that organisation again and see what they have to say.

Hey people in Health Care: why are you making people with autism run from stranger to stranger, and overload them with complicated information, in order to get the help that's supposed to make life a bit easier?