Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Taking it easy

The last few days I’ve gotten a bit unwell. Not from Chronic Fatigue, but actually with a virus and everything. A nice change of pace I’d say. Still, I’d rather just be healthy of course. I’m coughing a lot, my temperature rises and drops all the time and I feel terribly tired and dizzy, even more than usually. I hope this passes soon, as I have plenty to do.

So with all this, I’ve decided to take it easy this week. This is also why I haven’t had much to write about. Being sick at home isn’t exactly the most exciting thing. Besides that, I could hardly concentrate on writing a blogpost. So Monday I called in sick for physical therapy and stayed home all day. Tuesday I only had a small meeting with the board of the weekly autism meeting, but that’s 5 minutes from my home and just sitting and talking for about an hour. They understood that I wasn’t all too productive.

Today I’m at home too. I’m starting to feel a bit better though, so I won’t call in sick for my driving lesson tomorrow. With feeling better, I’m also a lot less dizzy and I had a lot of sleep tonight/morning/bit of the afternoon… So the only thing that’s left is my temperature going up and down and I shouldn’t exercise too much yet, but I wasn’t planning on that anyway.

In the meanwhile I’m trying to learn for my driving lesson theory exam. This is hard! I can memorize all the factual things, like what the signs mean… But the pictures, especially the ones with who has to go first on the road and stuff, just don’t seem logical to me. Like, a person is to your right and a person is to your left, both going straight forward. I’d have to let the person on the right go first and the person on the left would have to wait for me. But in real life, if I let the person on the right pass, the person on the left might as well as they can just drive on the same road in the same time span right? See my confusion? I’m trying to teach myself that I will have to simply look at the rules with these things, instead of thinking about what would happen in real life… But it still doesn’t make sense to me, as I’m trying to learn for real life right?

I’m also trying to make contact with organisations that can help me with my recovery, so I can hopefully work again. (I’ve gotten half a year to work on my recovery) But this week, the only appointment I have for that, is with my doctor on Friday. But that’s fine, since that’s 2 minutes from here and being unwell isn’t exactly an excuse for not visiting your doctor, haha! It’s more of another good reason to actually go there.
But I’ve put all other appointments I could’ve made on hold for next week.

With other words, all I really did was a short meeting. Now I start to feel better and got a driving lesson, a meeting with the doctor and the weekly autism meeting. So just one appointment while feeling unwell. I think I did well with that. Now, time to eat my noodle soup and to wrap up this post.


  1. Het klinkt goed dat je je iets beter gaat voelen. Doe lekker rustig aan, dan zie ik je hopelijk vrijdag.

    Groetjes Annerieke