Thursday, 28 June 2012

Positive things

Yesterday I finally handed in that key at my old job, so now I officially don’t have to think about these things anymore! It feels like a weight off me.

Yesterday evening I decided to join a project which my best friend is working on. I’ll probably write more about this once we know more things for certain. The thing I can tell you already is that he was planning a Game Night and someone mentioned he could make it a charity raising event. The charity that we’re most likely going to raise money for ended up being autism, since a lot of autistic people have the tendency to like gaming. Not all autistic people, but a lot of them do. So this is a great link. I can’t promise anything yet on this subject, but this is the most likely thing that’s going to happen and we’re already working on the planning.

Working on an event with my best friend, who I know I can work very well with, is just the thing I need to get my spirits up after a week of sadness. Now I have something positive to think about and I can regain some confidence by doing something I know I’m good at. I love this project. It keeps me busy and it keeps me happy.

Today I also made a start on some small sponge cakes with my sister (I don’t have any pictures, since they’re not done yet) and I had a driving lesson. This driving lesson went great. We focused on a lot of things that had to do with steering, which I seem to be quite good at. This also gave me confidence.

So yesterday evening and today were some real confidence boosters! Just what I needed!


  1. Hi Issha I am glad yesterday evening , had such a good effect on you :D

    Greetings your stalker ^^

    1. Yay a comment from you! :) Thanks, I'm glad too ^_^

  2. Ohnoos Im not a creepy silent stalker any more XD

  3. You dont know how much you have shown me you can do..we both need to learn how to do the things easyer and easyer each time...but you have shown me how much potential you REALLY have...and believe me, its not a little bit...

    You keep amazing me more and more...with every thing that happened to you I see you grow more and more and I will remind you everytime I have to.