Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Not my day

After I have been fired, I was asked to return on Tuesday to hand in my stuff. So I called in to schedule when I should arrive and arrived. I had an hour until I had to go to physical therapy, but figured this should’ve been enough for just handing in my stuff. My sister also happened to need something in the city, so she decided to drive me there and afterwards also drive me to physical therapy, which is very nice of her.

When I arrived, I handed in my stuff as we agreed. There was a key that I couldn’t just hand in at my team leader, but that has to go to administration and I would get the money back that I had to give in return for the key for save keeping. It’s so they would be sure I would look after the key. So we went to administration and… they weren’t there. My team leader asked a colleague where they were and he said ‘oh, on a break, must be back in 5 to 10 minutes.’

My team leader was very busy, so he asked me if I could handle it by myself. I could and my sister was fine with it too, so I agreed. My sister and I just had a look around the store and in 15 minutes we checked the administration office again. Nope. Nobody except for a cranky old lady who simply said ‘No.’ with a very annoyed look when I asked her if she was allowed to handle me handing in my key.

Quite annoyed, my sister and I decided to get the thing that my sister needed from the city and then return to check the office again. So we went to get her stuff (not everything she needed was there and this was already the second time she went to that shop, the last time it turned out to be closed) and then we went back again. This took us just over another 15 minutes. So in total, we’ve waited for the administration office for over half an hour now (and the first half hour was gone by walking there and handing in my other stuff). Guess what? Still nobody there.

Very annoyed, my sister and I walked back to my team leader. He told us to return another time and see if they’re there then, since he didn’t know where they were either. This isn’t his fault, he’s not the boss of the administration office, so I simply stated that I didn’t like it and thanked him and said I’d return. Still, this was very upsetting. This means I still haven’t finished my business there. I still can’t put this whole thing behind me.

The whole thing had left me in a terrible mood and we went off to physical therapy. Upon entering the building, I usually get myself some water which is great during exercise. Last week the water machine was out of water and it had no plastic cups either (luckily my physical therapist was in a good mood and brought me a cup of tea instead). This week, as is my luck, the water machine was out of water and cups again. There happened to be a few cups at the desk at the entrance of physical therapy, which means I could get water from the tap in my physical therapist her office, but she was still busy talking to a patient, which meant her door was closed shut. Did I mention yet that it was about 24 degrees Celsius (75,2 Fahrenheit) outside?

I stepped into the training room, where I’m usually expected to just start my routine if she isn’t done with a patient yet, and it was just as warm there as it was outside. I felt just awful training in that warmth. Usually they have the air conditioning on there… Later my physical therapist got in the room and she asked me why I was training at such a weird level. Turned out that I pushed the button next to the right one, making my training more difficult. No wonder the heat got to me so badly! I mentioned the heat to her and she said the a/c was on. I told her it wasn’t. One of the great things of Asperger’s: I usually notice when the air around me is different from the usual. She kept telling me it was on, until she listened closely and agreed that there’s usually a buzzing noise. She changed some settings and the a/c turned on. After this training got a bit better.

As you can probably understand, I got home in a very bad mood and very tired. I ended up taking a very much needed nap in bed.
That evening I got into some arguments with some people too, but in respect for them I won’t write about that.


  1. Soms heb je van die dagen...
    Daarin lijkt alles tegen te zitten.

    Nujah, die dagen horen er ook bij, zo nu en dan.
    Hopelijk vandaag een betere dag!
    Al is het nog steeds behoorlijk warm ;)

    1. Vandaag m'n sleuteltje in kunnen leveren, dus nu van dat hele gebeuren af. Verder even geen zin in dingen gehad, dus me gewoon de rest van de dag bezig gehouden met een tof event plannen. Mijn manier van relaxen en m'n gedachten verzetten. :3