Monday, 25 June 2012

The city

This will simply be a small update, as not a lot has happened.

The city went okay. The weather was very hot and humid... So it quickly took my energy. This was good in a way, since it distracted me from everything else. But I also didn't want to spend much time in the city, as my energy was quickly draining.

Also, there were road workers busy working on the road (as road workers tend to do). They produced a lot of noise, making the city an even less desireable place to be. My sister disliked the weather and the road workers too, so we quickly purchased our stuff and got out of the city.

All this made me quite cranky, but at the same time distracted me from every memory association around me, which is good. So while I disliked these things, in some way they helped. Tomorrow I'll have to stop by at my previous job to hand in my stuff. After that I'll be done there.

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