Friday, 1 June 2012


If I have to write about today, I wouldn't know what to write about in the sense that there is too much to write about. Still following me?

Should I write about the many noises today? At work it was crowded, it was noisy, children were screaming, blenders were running, colleagues were shouting at each other... and that's just work. Those things are normal, but it was worse today.

Should I write about the many negative people around me, making me very negative too?

Should I write about the evaluation interview? Well actually yes, for a bit. It went better than expected. They do have high hopes for me, but not unrealistically high. So that's a positive! (During the whole interview 2 children were screaming...)

Should I write about how much we had to do at work? Even lunch time was hard to get!

Should I write about that I couldn't sleep after work, because I had too much to do at home?

Should I write that it's my sister's birthday tomorrow? Hah, sneaked that one in. Congratulate her! :)

Should I write about that I ended up being so tired, that I had to leave in the middle of the weekly autism meeting?

Should I write about the nervousness about going to England on Monday?

In other words: there was a lot going on and I could write a blogpost on each and every part if it. I'm not going to though. I'm too tired.
I'm now in bed, writing this on my smartphone. I'll soon be sound asleep. Good night everyone.


  1. Should I write about how I can understand that you are nervous to go to england...but that I see it as an opertunity for you to expand your borders and the such, I am not saying that you never do.

    but it seems like everytime you do something like this (go on vacation to somewhere or do something that is challanging aswell as fun to you) You seem like you are expanding your borders a bit. In the way of that everytime you do this you are used to a bit more. You know how to deal with a tiny bit more each time ofc depending on what exactly you do to how much more you get used to.

    Sorry if this comment did not make sense.
    I am almost falling asleep while typing atm hahaha

    1. That's exactly why I try to learn to travel by myself more and more. I want to be able to travel by myself, so I won't be dependant on someone guiding me the whole time. :) Yay me! *proud*

  2. Congrats with your sister.
    I think that when your brains are working overtime, everything you experience is too much. If you could regulate it, you may have an easier life. Do you agree?

    1. Sometimes I wish I could regulate my brain with this. If my brain doesn't work overtime, some things WOULD be easier. On the other hand, my brain working overtime sometimes helps me a lot too. Especially when solving problems and organising events. With these things, my brain helps me get to the answer very fast, even faster than most people. I even get bored when others aren't as fast at that like I am sometimes. So would I want it to be gone? No, I wouldn't be as good at solving problems and organising events anymore. Maybe a button which I can switch on and off whenever I like to would be nice, but that doesn't exist. A pill isn't that easy to regulate during the day, so that wouldn't work either.
      No, I guess I wouldn't want it to go away.

  3. Heey,
    Heb je een beetje bij kunnen slapen?
    Was inderdaad wel een druk dagje gisteren voor jou.
    Lijkt me trouwens een pittig baantje wat je hebt. Zoveel prikkels vanuit de omgeving.
    Stoer hoor, dat je dat toch gewoon doet!

    Nogmaals gefeliciteerd met je zus.
    En een fijne dag vandaag :)

    1. Ja, ik heb heerlijk geslapen! :) Vandaag nog even iets afleveren bij La Place en dan de verjaardag van mijn zus vieren. Wordt een leuk dagje.
      Het is inderdaad een pittig baantje, maar het feit dat ik het een leuk baantje vind maakt het uit zichzelf al een stuk makkelijker. De kracht van Kansas. :) Daarbij word ik ook super goed begeleid. Ik hoop dat de combinatie van Kansas en de begeleiding ervoor zal zorgen dat ik het baantje kan behouden.

      Bedankt voor de felicitatie, zij heeft het ook gelezen en dus ontvangen.