Saturday, 23 June 2012

Not much to say

Sorry that I’m posting so little on this blog. Don’t worry, it’s not that I just started and already decided that I’m going to drop this blog. I’m still planning on keeping this blog up-to-date. The problem is just that I don’t have much to say, or don’t know how to say it.

Last week I was too emotional to be able to figure out how to explain everything. This week there’s just not enough to write about. Like I said, I’m allowing myself to be sad for a while, so I can give everything a place and progress the whole thing. Practically this means that I’m basically sitting at home, crying a lot and playing games. This sounds bad, but it’s actually a good thing. I rarely have the time for this, since I always need to keep going, searching for jobs and things like that. I like having some time to sort out my emotions.

Of course I’ll get back to getting things done soon, but in the meanwhile I just don’t have a lot to write about. Having a blogpost every day, stating ‘cried again’, won’t really do anyone much good and won’t add anything. When I get to the point where I can get things done again, I’ll probably have things to write about again. I’m trying to make this point somewhere next week, but of course I can’t be certain.

So, don’t give up on my blog yet! I’ll be back!


  1. Then just take a short hiatus on your blog, and write once a week with a short summary. Or just take a longer break and come back when you have something good to write about. I mean, it's not like I'm a consistent poster on my blog ;)

    You could maybe even post a (short) review about the games you play, you just might push someone over the edge and get him/her to go out and enjoy the game as well ^^

    1. I'm trying to post at least once a week now, yes. But I'm not going to pin it down to just once a week, since I want to be able to post if anything does happen. But expect one at least once a week. :)

      And my blog isn't about games, it's about my life with Asperger's and Chronic Fatigue. I can say I'm playing those games, but I feel like reviews of them are just totally misplaced here. (Psychonauts is awesome! Go play! :P)

  2. Goed dat je de tijd neemt om tot rust te komen.
    Sterkte verders!

    Het dromenvangers maken afgelopen vrijdag was leuk :)