Saturday, 26 May 2012

Organising bliss

My parents and brother have gone to our little house in France. My sister and I stayed behind. We’re fine with this, since the weather is great here too and it’s nice and quiet at home.

Today we decided to have a barbecue with some friends in the evening. This means we got some organising to do! (who brings what, what do we need, who will we invite, etc) Remember the thing I love most? Events! Even more so: Organising events. This is sort of like it. I like organising this barbecue. The moment we thought of it, I made a list of what we need and then I made all the phone calls. After that I sent out e-mails, to the people who have agreed upon coming, with all the details.

My sister told me yesterday that I should relax, seeing I wasn’t feeling well at all after work. I told her I was fine, as long as I didn’t have to physically move a lot and that I was actually having fun!

While organising an event I’m right at home. Even when it’s just inviting 5 friends for a little barbecue. After all these years something this small has gotten really easy to organise for me. I know exactly which things are important to think about. My sister has gotten equally as good at it, so I love organising together with her. While organising, I know exactly what to do, who to talk to and more importantly: what’s going to happen. I have to be in the know of everything, since I’m the one organising, and it puts me in a position of where I know what is about to happen and when things go wrong, I can change it.

It’s also the reason I simply LOVE having a portophone (walkie talkie, but then professional) at a big convention. It keeps me in the know of everything and it helps me in doing what I have to do. I can change what I think needs changing, I can secure myself that everything is according to plan and I can answer most questions visitors of the convention have.

Being in the know and being able to change things that I think need changing. I love it.

A lot of people ask me: “But Ellen, if you’re at a convention, a lot of things are unknown and unexpected things will always happen. How do you cope with that?” The answer isn’t in that I want to plan every single thing. In fact, you’ll most likely stress your visitors out if you plan their every movement. The answer lies within knowing what to do when something unexpected happens. I know exactly what is going on and how to deal with it, and if I don’t, who to ask how to deal with it. There is safety within this.

Well, my guests have arrived, so I’m finishing this blogpost up. Time to have some fun!


  1. Eet smakelijk en veel plezier met z'n allen!

    gr Annerieke

    1. Dank je! We hebben veel plezier gehad. :)

  2. What I have noticed is that when you organize something, its often because you do plan things ofc, but its not like you are prepared for every little things that MIGHT happen...but you are prepared that there MIGHT be things happening.

    Often when I see you organizing things, you have a back up or try to get a back up, a way of getting things to work out for you, or let someone else do it since he/she/they will do it more effectivly, this is why I think you are very good at organizing things and its one thing where you can trust yourself and the way you think over the way it makes you feel when you feel bad about certain things and about yourself.

    This is what I have noticed and I might have somethings a little wrong in this case.