Thursday, 24 May 2012

Not feeling well

Sorry that I haven't posted any blogposts the past few days. Since last Monday morning I haven't been feeling well.

I've called in sick from work. Tuesday I felt slightly better, so I thought I could work again the next day. Well I've honestly tried, but after 45 minutes I felt so dizzy, that I was honestly scared I was going to faint or something like that.

After a lot of convincing and trying to recover by resting, eating and drinking sugar water, I only felt worse. I decided to take matters into my own hands and went home.

My sister picked me up from work. At home my sister put a fan on me and gave me a refreshing drink.
I felt absolutely terrible from being dizzy all the time. My Chronic Fatigue and the heat made matters even worse. I didn't even dare to walk up the stairs. My sister asked what I was feeling and I told her I felt like I just turned around on the spot a lot and the dizzyness from it just wouldn't go away.

At the moment, after a whole day of resting I do feel better, but I haven't fully recovered yet. This is why I haven't been blogging and even now I'm writing this in bed, on my cell phone.

I am adding pictures to this blogpost, but have no idea how to arrange them, using the blogger app. If anyone does, please tell me. The picture of the blue cloth is how I'm laying in bed right now.
The piece of bread is the type of bread that I managed to cut myself on. (see the blogpost Pain )

If I've made any stupid mistakes in this blogpost, please blame my dizzy head. You're free to politely point them out though.

Good night.


  1. Heb je niet per ongeluk een zonneslag/steek opgelopen lief?

    1. Dat dacht ik ook, maar ik weet het niet zeker. Het kan zoveel zijn. :/

  2. I hope you feel better soon :(

  3. Well I hope you will feel a bit better soon. Just to point out though not a whole lot of people are feeling great during the day with temperatures as they are now. I am also getting slightly dizzy from the temperature inside and I am not even doing much.

    (Btw I will still read the other two posts before this one soon), but right now I am not really up for it.

    1. I'm not talking about feeling 'slightly' dizzy. I'm talking about being so dizzy, my hands were shaking and the world was spinning. When I walked to my sister who was picking me up, a colleague guided me to the car. I had to hold on to my colleague several times, because I was too dizzy to walk straight. I'm sure I must've seemed drunk to other people. Right now I'm feeling a little bit better, but at work it was truly terrible.

    2. Well that could also be partly because of the weather. Still I only get that feeling when I have either lacked sleep, am very hungry (or thirsty probably) or get up to quickly (and I am sure the latter does not apply).

      Just keep your fluids up at least and don't stay in the sun for too long. That at least crosses out two potential (compounding) causes).

  4. Misschien heb je wel een virusje te pakken..
    Of misschien dat het toch wel erg veel was afgelopen weekend?
    Het weer maakt het er inderdaad niet beter op.

    Nujah, gewoon de rust nemen die je nodig hebt.

    1. Kan allemaal. Ik heb al heel veel mogelijkheden opgenoemd gekregen en het is allemaal mogelijk. (Chronische Vermoeidheid, warmte, zonnesteek, AnimeCon, lage suikerspiegel, te weinig gedronken, te weinig gegeten, etc) Enige dat ik weet is dat ik niet lekker was. Momenteel gaat het ietsje beter. Morgen maar weer proberen te werken en maar even zien hoe het gaat. Ook maar even kijken of ik een leenshirt kan regelen morgen op het werk, want ik heb echt geen zin om weer in een trui met lange mouwen daar te staan.

  5. Fijn dat het weer wat beter gaat.
    Maar even kijken of je je morgen goed genoeg voelt weer te gaan werken.