Monday, 7 May 2012

Not much sleep

Today has been rather uneventful in terms of Asperger’s Syndrome. I couldn’t sleep well last night, which caused for me to feel just awful. Remember, I’m also Chronicly Fatigued. I decided I felt okay enough to try to go to work, but I’d have to take it easy.

Even so, I still felt awful. I got my keycard to enter the building and a few rooms (yay!), so that’s a plus. After telling my team leader about how I felt, I calmly got to my job. After about half an hour or an hour or so (I lost count), I suddenly got very dizzy, couldn’t focus anymore and started to cry. I immediately walked up to my team leader and told him what happened. At the same time my jobcoach arrived.

We had a good talk where I could tell what was on my mind and they told me I could just work to my own pace and we would see how far I could come. After a glass of water I felt a bit better and got back to my job at an even slower pace. Luckily today was a very calm day in terms of visitors needing things from me. It’s like the world just knew that I needed a calm day and decided to stay at home. In the end I did get all my work done. In fact, the last 15 minutes I honestly didn’t have anything to do.

In terms of Asperger’s Syndrome, there was only one thing really bothering me. Because I was so tired, all noise came in much harder than normally. At work they blend ice to make smoothies and things like that and those blenders make a lot of noise. But that was the only thing really bothering me, causing me to get distracted sometimes (to the annoyance of some clients. Sorry!).

Well in the end I did manage to get some kind of blogpost done, but it’s more about my Chronic Fatigue than my life with Asperger’s Syndrome. In the sense of Asperger’s Syndrome I can only say what I stated before; a mentally and/or physically bad day can really make a difference. Suddenly I get overloaded a lot faster and I get wrapped up in my own little world, just trying to focus on getting through the day. Can’t wait for a better day to shine again!

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  1. Hmm ik moet mij echt inhouden om niet in het Engels te reageren, maar goed:P

    Ik weet dat jij zegt dat dit blog over je leven (met Asperger's gaat), maar ik denk dat er ook wel ruimte is voor normale blogs hoor. Of denk jij dan dat de gedachte achter je blog verloren gaat?