Saturday, 19 May 2012


Just a few seconds ago I was waiting in a line for an hour to get to a show at the convention.

Normally this isn't a problem for me. Sometimes I wait even longer. This time, though, my feet were hurting and somehow it made it impossible to filter anything else.

In the line it's always crowded with a lot if noise. Without being able to filter it (the show began, so I had to take a break, I'm now writing on. It's the next day) I instantly overloaded. Everything suddenly seemed louder and I was starting to get dizzy. I decided to sit on the ground, even though it actually isn't allowed (I was feeling like I would faint, so I had to) and drank some water. After a few minutes I was starting to feel better and the doors to the show opened. Last night a friend of mine, who followed a course performing massages, gave me a full 1 hour massage free of charge. I'm very grateful, thank you! This relieved much of the pain and helped me sleep. (well something else made it more difficult again, but that has nothing to do with this story) As for now: breakfast time.


  1. Herkenbaar, dat heb ik regelmatig.
    Ik ben gisteren naar Burgers zoo geweest samen met een vriendin van mij (heeft ook autisme).
    Het was daar druk!

    We waren meer bezig met hoe overleven we deze chaos ipv dat we relaxed naar de dieren konden kijken.
    Maargoed, toch hebben we een gezellige dag gehad :)
    En daarna tijd zat om tot rust te komen.

    Af en toe weleens lekker toch er tussenuit te gaan ipv op de bank te hangen of wat ook.

    1. Ik sta steeds versteld van hoe jullie met dit soort problemen om gaan! Niet gaan zitten treuren, maar steeds weer de uitdaging van 'eropuitgaan' aangaan. Ik heb respect hiervoor.

  2. Well I guess the thing mentioned in the two final lines is the thing which you spoke to me about in the dealerroom? Well you know what I thought about the situation.

    Anyway I am lucky I have no real problems waiting in lines (as long as it is not to hot). Still if we are at an event like this and you need some distraction. You should try calling someone if music does not help. (I might be available if you want, but then we have to exchange numbers).

  3. Yes, that's the thing I spoke to you about in the dealerroom.

    Don't worry, I usually don't have problems with that too. It was the pain in my feet that made me overly sensitive. If I felt that I wouldn't be able to make it by myself, I would've simply stepped out of line and asked my sister to hold a spot for me. The only reason I posted this in a blogpost, wasn't simply to complain about it and seek help, but to give insight in what an overload feels like.

    Thanks for the offer though. :)