Friday, 18 May 2012

Events, my Kansas

Today is the first day of AnimeCon! It's an Anime/Manga convention, which is my Kansas. What do I mean by that? Well I kind of stole the word from Aaron Likens and it's the special place/interest where I feel completely in my element! I'm right at home here!
Why is this called Kansas? Please read my first blogpost to understand that.

I feel like I'm copying Aaron's words here, since he talks about this subject a lot and I feel it the same as he does.
All the way to the convention I didn't feel the excitement yet. I was looking forward to it, but wasn't exactly jumping up and down. Why is this? I don't completely feel excitement for something until it's there. I think (not sure) it's my defense meganism against disappointments, since I can't handle disappointments at all. I was enjoying the drive there though.

Once I entered the convention and saw all the people, excitement got in! Immediately problems were forgotten and I just went to greeting a lot of friends.

Now I'm having dinner at a place around the corner of the convention. My sister had to leave me at some point, because she had a photoshoot planned. That's fine, I'm used to this.

Now, though, the effects of Kansas are wearing off as I'm terribly aware that I'm sitting alone. This is why I resorted to writing this blogpost on my mobile phone.

Within a few minutes I'll be done and I'll be walking straight back into Kansas!


  1. Mooi dat je het daar zo naar je zin hebt :)

  2. Well just saying the same thing as before, but if we are both at an event like this you could try calling someone. The only problems might be costs and audibility. But still it might be worth a try.

    1. Like I said at 'Crowded': I only posted it to show what such a situation feels like. Stepping in and out of Kansas and the sudden change it brings. I was done with eating in 10 minutes, so I didn't feel the need to call someone. That person would've taken 5 minutes to get to me and then we would've had only 5 minutes left. I didn't feel that would've helped much, so I simply ate fast while writing the blogpost and then got back to the convention.
      If such a situation occurs again and it would occur for a longer time, I would've called a friend to keep me company. There are plenty of people on the convention from who I have the phone number.

      Again, thank you for the offer though. :) I'll remember it. :)