Sunday, 30 September 2012

Medical things and no inspiration

Hey everyone. You probably noticed that I’m suddenly not blogging that much anymore. This is because I don’t have much inspiration. I had some medical tests, but I didn’t have enough to say about these tests to fill a blogpost. So I decided to wait, until I had some more things to talk about.

First, about my food supplements. Well yea… What I expected has happened. I got a bit more busy and I forgot about my food supplements several times. I also forgot to keep count of how much I got left and now I’ve ran out of one of them and the e-mail address that I need to mail to, to get my new prescription, won’t accept my mails. I’ll have to call the centre tomorrow, meaning that I’ll be without these food supplements a little bit longer. Oops…
I do feel that I’m processing my food better, which might be a good sign?

Like I said, I’ve had some medical tests. These were lung tests to be exact. There was something that I already knew, but became very aware of lately. When I’m with some sort of care taker (like a psychologist, or for medical things, or things like that) who I know, I have no problem looking at their face. (Face! Not their eyes! Usually it’s their forehead or something like that.) But when I don’t know the person, even looking at their face is a challenge.

When I look at someone’s face, I do see their expression and the eyes are in my field of vision, even though I’m not looking straight at it. Having this indirect contact isn’t that bad when I know someone, but when I just met the person, especially when it’s someone who needs to give me a lot of information (like someone in the health care), I have to completely look away in order to be able to focus.

Notice this last part of the last sentence please. “… in order to be able to focus.” Some people get really offended when you look away. (Don’t worry, these people who tested me lungs weren’t offended) When a person with Autism isn’t looking at you, it’s usually not out of disrespect. In fact, it’s so he/she can focus better. The eyes, or even the whole face sometimes, just have too much impact! It’s very distracting and any information given at that moment, just won’t stick. In fact, I made a whole guest blogpost about people demanding eye contact once, only the person I sent it to didn’t use the text yet and I’d feel bad using it now… But I just want to say I feel strongly about this. Please think about this text whenever you feel offended by someone not looking you in the eyes. This person might just be concentrating really hard on what you’re saying.

Back to the lung tests. I have received the conclusion of these tests. It turns out that I’m mildly asthmatic. This does explain some things, like how I easily get out of breath and even hyperventilate sometimes. It also explains the cough I’ve had for more than 6 months now and why my lungs are so terribly sensitive. A small part of me also hopes this explains (a part of) my fatigue… I’ve gotten medicine for this. I hope that’ll help. Let’s see where this takes me…

In the meanwhile I’m still on the board of the weekly Autism meeting, which I still like to do, and I’m still trying to get the Game Day for Autism going. This turns out to be harder than we expected, but we’re not stopping! I still feel strongly about this event.

Yesterday I went to the fair (kermis). I really like the fair, but the music is always so loud and there are a lot of people, so I can never stay too long there, which is a shame. My sister went in a big thing with a long arm that went really fast and high and in circles… Too scary for me. Then we went into the ‘Octopus’ together, which went faster than I ever remember it going. It was a lot of fun, but the iron bar in front of us wasn’t too stable, which made me scared of falling out the whole time.

After those two things the music and crowd already got to me, so I got myself a cotton candy and then we got out of there. I heard about a fair that’s made to be mild to the senses about a month ago, but it was too far away from me. I wish something like that would be close to my house too, then I can maybe spend some more time at a fair. That’d be nice.

After the fair, my sister and I did some shopping for the Halloween party at the weekly Autism meeting. I love putting together a party! I can’t wait!

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