Sunday, 2 September 2012

Abunai - 1

As I REALLY seem to have a problem with telling short stories, I decided to make my Abunai blogpost a 3-parter. This seems really bad, but remember that I have 5 days to talk about. I know, Abunai is just 3 days, but I was there from Thursday 'till Monday. So take into account that I'm talking about 5 funfilled days and suddenly it's not as bad as it seems.
The first blogpost will be about Thursday and Friday.

Finally here’s the long awaited Abunai blogpost. Sorry for the long wait. My leg has caused me some pain this last week, but most of all it took a lot of energy from me. Even doing the smallest tasks, like getting myself a sandwich, was a huge task, because my leg gave me problems again Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Because of this I had even less energy than I normally have and this took a lot of my concentration, so I had to prioritise focussing on getting better and just getting through my days normally.

Last Thursday I went to physical therapy and had a massage (my physical therapist said I could just go to my massage without any problems). At physical therapy I got some tape on my leg, which helps my muscles to relax. This in combination with the massage really helped. I’m well on my way to recovery now.

So, enough about my leg. I promised an Abunai blogpost didn’t I? And I already told about what happened with my leg on Abunai, so I will try and focus on what I did at Abunai. My leg will be mentioned, as it influenced a lot, but I will try to mainly focus on what my days looked like.

My sister and I arrived at Abunai, or at least at the hotel where Abunai was held (seeing the convention would start on Friday), and after greeting some people and checking into the hotel, we went straight for the pool. After swimming for an hour, we dressed up, had dinner and went to the Gopher Meeting. Wait, Gopher Meeting? “What is a Gopher?” are some of you probably wondering now. A Gopher is a volunteer at an Anime/Manga convention who does a lot of different things, depending on where they have a shift. For example, when they have a shift in the wardrobe, they take in and hand out bags, jackets and Cosplay props.

Oh another word you might not know… Cosplay comes from Costume and Play and the simplest explanation (as a lot of people are still discussing this) is: “Dressing up as an Anime/Manga/Videogame character.”

Back on track. We went to the Gopher Meeting because I’m a SuperGopher Events… I’m not getting through this, am I? A SuperGopher is a person who basically supports the Staff with having their things run well, because the Staff can’t be everywhere. I’m a SuperGopher Events, so I get a part of the Events section to supervise and help the Gophers do their jobs there.

Now, seriously, back on track! My sister waited outside, because she’s not a Gopher. Afterwards we got a tour of the convention and my sister joined. After this my sister and I were getting in the convention mood and were also pretty tired. My sister went to bed and after hanging with two friends some more, I went to bed too.

On Friday I had a shower and breakfast and then it was convention time! I picked up my portophone (Walkie talkie… Radio… Whatever you want to call it) from the Material Room and Kansas was in full swing! (I sometimes use words from Aaron’s blog. For the meaning of Kansas, check his glossary here: ) The convention itself would open at 2 pm, but for me it had already started, as at 11 am I had a 2 hour SuperGopher meeting. After that I helped with putting some stuff up on the walls and getting some stuff ready.

Then the convention opened its doors! I went to my section, made sure everything went okay, and…!!! Was bored as hell. Ha, didn’t expect that one, did you? On Friday the section I had assigned to me only had two things and those two things basically ran themselves, so I only had to check up once in a while and that’s it. I went to see the Fashion Show, which was amazing, but that was all I had planned for events for that day.

I asked a Staff member if there was anyone or anything who/that needed help, even just a little, but there was nothing for me to do. Eventually my sister took me for the Karaoke, which actually turned out to be a lot of fun! I forgot how much I love Karaoke! After Karaoke my sister and I decided to go to bed.

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