Monday, 3 September 2012

Abunai - 2

This is the second of the three blogposts about Abunai (the biggest Anime/Manga convention in the Netherlands). You can find the first part here:

Well, we all know what happened that night by now. If you’re new to my blog, this is what I wrote that night: and if you’re wondering how the health story continues, as I’m not writing it again, here it is:

So, the next day I was very depressed, because I felt pretty useless and my wheelchair was giving me problems and I didn’t know why yet. Also, I never used a wheelchair before, so I had to figure out on the spot how to use one. I wasn’t going to have Abunai pass me by though, so I stubbornly pressed on, had breakfast and got to my section. There I politely asked what was necessary and… Couldn’t provide it, because the Material Room was so far away, that I needed people to push me there. If people were going to push me there, they could also just get the materials themselves. I never felt more useless at a convention than I did there before.

Again, I wasn’t going to let Abunai pass me by. I could’ve just gotten myself to some lecture or workshop or something and signed off as a SuperGopher, but I felt the Staff was under enough pressure as it was and also, there’s a good reason I’m a SuperGopher. I’d be very bored as a visitor, not having anything to supervise and no problems to solve and things like that… Nope! Not happening! So I decided I’d just provide for everything that I could provide and would supervise when needed and get the event holders the right information. That way I only needed people when heavy material was needed, which wasn’t very often. The Staff assured me that I was a big help, which put a smile on my face. My convention was back on!

This did tire me out very fast, so after dinner I just checked up on the last events that were in my section, then asked a Staff member to clear up for me once they were done. This was necessary anyways, as heavy stuff needed to be taken to the material room, so actually I didn’t ask for anything extra. Then I told everyone that I went to bed, as I was extremely tired.

After a few hours in my room, I enjoyed the night life of Saturday at Abunai! I always enjoy the Saturday night life at Abunai, as there’s a huge disco and some people also hold some small personal parties in their rooms and other corners of the convention. I never attend the disco, as I’m way too sensitive to the bass and the loudness of the music, but I do enjoy the happy people surrounding the disco. I also found out my ex was there, so we had a good talk. A few friends and my sister joined and we turned into a nice group and had a lot of fun and shared some laughs. After a while my sister and I got tired, so we went off to bed. On our way to bed we met the person who took care of my leg that weekend and I had her check up on my leg. She asked me to walk around a bit and I could! Not for long, but still, progress! Then we really went to bed.

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