Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Medical driving test and food supplements

Sorry for not having blogged for a few days again. I’m focussing on my driving test and food supplements at the moment. With ‘driving test’ I don’t mean the official exam. Here in the Netherlands, when you want your driver’s license while having something that might make it more difficult to get it (something psychological or medical), you have to fill in a form. If you say ‘yes’ to one or more of the things on the form, you have to do some tests depending on what you answered ‘yes’ to. This driving test that I have to do is a medical driving test to see if I can drive a car while having Asperger’s. They test on things like dividing my attention and controlling the car and things like that.

I have done a test like this before, but that was after having a horrible driving instructor and not enough practice (my driving instructor told me that there was no need to practice for this test, that they would just see how you handle being in a car… This wasn’t true). This time I’ve had a lot more practice and I’m allowed to try again. Of course, they don’t let you do these tests indefinitely, at some point they need to get to a conclusion, so I really want to pass this test this time! If I pass this test, I’ll go on to focus on studying on my theory, so I can do the theory exam. If I manage to pass that, I’ll try to get my driver’s license with a practical exam.
But for now I’m focussing on this medical driving test.

As for the food supplements; I have spoken about my troubles with those in this blogpost: http://thedailydaysofanasperger.blogspot.nl/2012/09/medicine-food-supplements-and-routine.html
If anyone is still wondering: Those pills aren’t for my Asperger’s of course. They are for my Chronic Fatigue. We’re trying to figure out if I’ll feel better with any of those food supplements.

Today I finally started with the food supplements. Having to take nine food supplements in the morning is a huge task! It took me two big glasses of water and thirty minutes to wash them down. My mother helped me sort the pills for each day and each part of the day. I also put an alarm on my phone for each time that I need to take my pills. The combination of this seems to help. For now at least.

At the moment I’m right on schedule with the pills, but I’m not celebrating yet. Today all I had planned was a driving lesson. It’s not that difficult to think about the pills when there’s just one thing distracting me. Let’s wait until I’ve had some busy days with lots of distractions. Let’s see if I still remember the pills then.

So that’s what is going on at the moment. I also made some appointments with some doctors later this week, but that’s not really the first thing on my mind right now. Medical driving test and food supplements first. Then I’ll see about the rest.

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