Saturday, 8 September 2012

Something smells...

Just a few minutes ago I woke up from a nap and the first thing I noticed was a delicious smell entering my nose and filling my whole body. My father is cooking something with lots of ingredients that I love. I don’t know if I love the meal yet, he wants to keep the menu a surprise. I do know that it smells delicious. He has used some wonderful spices… If it’s up to me, he can just keep on cooking, just for the smell of it.

This is what happens when something smells very nice. I smell it from far (from my bedroom in this case) and I can enjoy it a lot. In fact, right now I can still smell my father’s cooking as he’s still busy with it, and I love every breath I take through my nose. Want to make me look forward to your cooking? Use some strong smelling herbs. (Except for mint! For God’s sake, don’t use mint!)

However, there’s another side to this strong sense of smell of course… I already dropped a hint at the end of my previous paragraph. Not all scents in the world smell that nice. Most people will now probably think about things like ‘poo!’ and ‘sweat!’ and things like that. Well… Yes… That too. But I also have a few scents that I strongly dislike that might surprise you. I’ll name the two scents that surprise the most people, one of which I already dropped a hint about: Mint and deodorant.

This is very annoying, as these smells are considered nice and even a sign of hygiene. This works two ways: If I avoid these scents, people tend to think that I’m not that hygienic. Other people use these scents a lot for hygiene, so avoiding it is hard too.

So what do I do? I have deodorant that doesn’t smell that strongly, doesn’t have perfume in it and it’s a stick. Not a rolling stick as most people have, but it’s a kind of crème in stick form. The downside to this? They’re not selling them anymore… Time to try new things… (ewww, new things!) Also, I ask others to not spray deodorant too close to me, that’s all I can do about my surroundings. If I get into a cloud of deodorant, or am standing too close, it results in me coughing a lot, like a person standing in smoke.

What if a person walks by who put on way too many deodorant (or perfume)? Erm… All I can say is: sorry for my coughing, I never try to upset anyone with it…
(Just ate dinner. In case anyone was wondering: It was delicious! Describing what it was would take too much time though, as my father invented his own recipe with many spices and things like that.)

About the mint… I can hardly avoid that one. To me, all toothpastes with another flavour (I don’t like the flavour of mint either) taste like vomit or chalk. So mint it is… Also, after going to a restaurant you are usually being offered some type of mint (usually peppermint). Of course I never accept it, but most people do. This is the worst if I travel back from the restaurant in a car with some other people who all accepted the mint. It usually ends up in the car filling up with the smell of mint, leaving me nauseous during the whole drive.
I have no idea how to successfully avoid the smell of mint…

You know what? I want to end this blogpost positive, as today was positive in the sense of scents. At the moment a fan is blowing in my direction and the wind has the smell of dinner in it. I love it! Today I was actually very cranky, but this nice dinner smell has lifted it a little bit. This is the effect that scents can have sometimes. When it’s a bad smell, it can be bad and even get me into an overload faster, but when I love a smell it can help make my day a little bit better! My favourite scent? Lavender.

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  1. Lavendel vind ik ook een heerlijke geur hebben.
    Ik heb aardig wat van die plantjes in mijn tuin :)