Monday, 24 September 2012

The effects of Kansas

If there are people who are new to my blog: I have followed Aaron Likens his blog for so long, that I have taken over some words and terms that he uses. One of those is ‘Kansas’. It’s not about the state in America. Read in his glossary what it is about:

Last Friday afternoon I went to a long weekend of LARP. LARP is short for Live Action Role Play. It’s a real life role playing game, where you have your own character in another world and all sort of things happen and you interact with it. There is a (hidden, played out by NPCs) storyline, but the players have a lot of influence on this. I love LARP, it’s an event that’s as much a Kansas to me as an Anime/Manga event is.

The moment the game started, my head went clear and all I thought about was what the best strategy in the game would be and how to stay in character. Also, everything went easier and easier, as is usually the case within Kansas. Some psychologists have accused me of running away from real life. I don’t see it that way, as it’s not that I’m fleeing or anything. It’s more like why someone would take a holiday or take some time for his/her hobby, but then combined. I’m in a new place, away from the things that I have to do (not to flee, but to rest my head, like you would on a holiday) and I have some fun things to focus on, like you would with a hobby.

Things in the game went pretty good, as we had a relatively calm scenario and I had plenty of (fun) things to focus on. I truly feel like I just had a nice holiday and my head has cleared up. I’m tired now, but that’ll be alright with some rest. This was exactly what I needed! All those frustrations and stress I had last week, are gone. I feel so much better! After I’ve rested a bit, I can finally go back to focussing on the things that I have to focus on. I can’t wait for my next weekend of LARP! But I’ll have to wait half a year for that. That’s okay, I got enough to do.


  1. Fijn dat het LARP weekend je goed heeft gedaan :)

  2. Zo te lezen is het weekend goed voor je geweest. Heerlijk toch, zo´n weekend?

    Groetjes Annerieke