Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Not my day - 2

You might be wondering "Number 2? Was there a number 1? Did I miss a blogpost in a series?" but no you didn't miss anything. This is just a day that is just as bad as a day that I wrote about in another blogpost, so I decided to make it a sequel. Here is the other blogpost: http://thedailydaysofanasperger.blogspot.nl/2012/06/not-my-day.html

Today was NOT my day. It already started right after I woke up. As I only had one appointment at 15:50 (4:50 pm), I decided to sleep in a bit. Only I didn’t remember that it was the first Monday of the month, which is important in the Netherlands. So I woke up just before 12:00 (noon, 12 pm) and was greeted by the monthly air alarm test. There is something in the sound of the air alarm that I can’t stand. It makes me feel very uneasy. When I was young it actually bothered me so much, it made me cry. I’m over that now, but it still has a weird and huge impact on me.

After the air alarm was done, I went downstairs, just to find frozen bread, which was just taken out of the freezer. Up until now the inconveniences have just been minor and I was a bit cranky, but I was sure everything would be alright. To feel a bit productive, I decided to contact the Fatigue Centre about their e-mail which wasn’t functioning and to still get the answers I needed. They said their e-mail should be functioning now, if it didn’t I should contact them again, and that the people they needed for my answers weren’t there.

Still cranky, I decided to send those e-mails later in the day and go out in the city to get some fresh air to lift my spirits a bit. I forgot the bus stop that I needed was under construction and I got dropped off a stop further. Because of this, I had to walk back to the stop that I needed before I could walk into the city.

After that, I went straight to the place where I worked as a baker, as I was promised a letter of recommendation and I was told the person that I needed was mostly available on Mondays. I asked some old colleagues of mine where this person was. They said they saw him earlier that day, but that they didn’t know where he was now. I waited for a while, but then decided to just go, because he was probably already gone.

Still cranky, I went to the City Hall to get some answers on an activity that I’m working on. There they told me to call a number that I already called before on the same issue. I told them that I already called that number, to which they responded which division I needed. I called and, after being put on hold, asked for that division. The lady on the phone first demanded a full explanation from me, then concluded that I needed the same division I already asked for. She then continued by putting me through to that division. After a few more minutes of being on hold, I was told by the same lady that there was no answer due to them being too busy. She then asked me some more questions and ended up taking a note of my call and that I should be called back by that division.

At this point I was very cranky, as nothing up ‘till now seemed to go right. Ready to scream, I went into a shop to get a nice present for a friend of mine who will be celebrating her birthday soon. This actually went fine, but later at home I would find out that I forgot to withdraw some money to go with the small present as I planned to.

Still pretty cranky, I decided to drop by at the office where I can check my e-mail for the weekly Autism meeting. (usually I check this at the meeting itself, but the last month I didn’t have time for this, which meant I hadn’t checked this e-mail account for a month already) This turned out to be a bad decision, as I wasn’t in any state to communicate with others. This being so, I had the worst communication with the people there, which made it a very awkward situation explaining what I was doing there. I did manage to explain it in the end and was allowed to check my e-mail, but it was the most awkward conversation ever. (Although I did end up explaining to them how to get their computer working, right before leaving the building, so that’s a plus I guess?)

After this disaster, I decided to just go home, as nothing good was going to come out of this day and I also needed to safe some energy for physical therapy, which was that one appointment I had. I got on the bus. My sister called me and told me she actually happened to be at the bus stop near our home, so we decided to meet up and… The stop-button turned out to be malfunctioning, so the bus didn’t stop at my bus stop. Of course. Why was I expecting this bus ride to go well in the first place? Not after a day like that!
After arriving at the next bus stop, I quickly called my sister (who had a very surprised look when she saw me driving by!) to explain everything, and jumped on the next bus.

While walking the last part home, I told my sister I had the worst day and she said that I could now at least rest at home. I agreed and when I arrived home I decided to get me a glass of lemonade and… The phone rang! I quickly put aside my glass and ran over to my phone. I was ready to answer it, when… (!!) They hung up on me. I looked at the number, but it was a hidden number, so I couldn’t call back. I’m sure this was the division that would call me back and I missed it. This was the last drop and I gave up. My day wasn’t going to be a good one.

After that no big things went wrong, but nothing went right either. I had physical therapy and after that it was already time for dinner. In other words, there wasn’t much of a day left. Today was a bummer. I hope tomorrow will be better…

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  1. damn als ik het zo lees inderdaad een behoorlijke pech dag hoop voor je dat morgen een heel stuk beter gaat.