Monday, 15 October 2012


Whenever someone makes an agreement, may it be a promise or an appointment or whatever, to me it’s important that person does everything to follow up on that agreement. If the agreement can not be followed, there should be a very good reason (like: The train was delayed, the alarm clock didn’t work, a lot went wrong on the way there, someone died, someone had big issues that had to be dealt with, etc.).
This rule doesn’t just apply to others who make agreements with me. That would just be hypocrite. This obviously applies to me too.

Today I woke up by the sound of the front door bell. I quickly got into a bathrobe (something just as quick and easy wasn’t nearby) and went downstairs. Luckily it turned out my brother already opened the front door. Suddenly my driving instructor was there, ready to pick me up for a driving lesson. But I was sure my driving lesson was planned on Wednesday! I told my driving instructor that and confused she showed me her scheduling. I showed her my agenda on my smartphone. She asked me to check my e-mails with the planning in them. I checked those e-mails and they agreed with me. I said I would be fine with quickly putting on my clothes and have a driving lesson anyway, as I was clearly in her schedule. She said that wasn’t needed and drove off.

I was confused. She knows agreements are important, as she’s trained to work with people with Autism. I can’t remember her ever making a mistake in the scheduling. I went to sit on my bed and checked the conversation e-mails between her and me to see if I missed anything in there. Suddenly I found the e-mail where she rescheduled the meeting.

There was no excuse. Upon reading the e-mail I remembered seeing this e-mail before. It should’ve been in my agenda, but I didn’t put it in there. I simply forgot. There’s no excuse for this, I should’ve put it in my agenda the minute I saw the e-mail. Simply forgetting isn’t a good reason for forgetting an appointment to me. Especially not since this is costing her and me money and I already had to cancel the previous appointment due to being ill. People on Twitter are now telling me that such a thing can happen. I know that, but still… I shouldn’t have forgotten this. I feel bad about this.


  1. Bij dit soort dingen denk ik altijd maar een ding... (en het is nog engels ook :P ).

    Shit happens!

    En ja ik zou me er ook rot onder voelen.
    Maar het is wel waar, zulke dingen kunnen gebeuren.
    Fouten maken is menselijk.

  2. Ja, Femke heeft gelijk, fouten maken is menselijk en het gebeurt ons allemaal. Ook ik vergeet wel eens iets, voel me er dan ook erg ongemakkelijk door. Dan denk ik bij mezelf...ik kan er nu niets meer aan veranderen. Ik maak mijn excuses, als dat nodig is, en probeer het een volgende keer te voorkomen. Ik heb ook in mijn keuken zo'n grote planner hangen, werkt goed, ik vind dat erg handig!

    Groetjes Annerieke