Sunday, 14 October 2012

The flu

You might have noticed that I haven’t updated my blog last week. The reason is that I fell ill on the night from Monday to Tuesday. At first I was so restless, I thought I had a bad response to the new asthma medicine, but then my temperature went up and I got some other symptoms and it turned out that I simply got the flu.

Last Friday evening was the first time I was able to get out of the house again. At the moment I just have a bad cough, my throat hurts a lot and I don’t have much energy. I don’t have much to tell about last week, as I was mostly bed/couch bound. I felt so bad, I couldn’t even browse the internet on my laptop. My days were mostly spent tossing and turning in bed during the bad moments, and watching some television and checking some stuff out on my phone for a minute every one in a while during the good moments.
So yea, this is a very short blogpost as I don’t have much to say about the last few days. I simply had the flu.

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  1. Het heerst pop, niks aan te doen, pak je rust en ziek lekker uit <3