Thursday, 9 August 2012

More bad luck

This week I just can’t seem to catch a break…
A friend of mine has sunk in a very deep depression. I still haven’t solved all the events stuff. This Friday I was supposed to hold a (free) bingo, which was already postponed one week, when I found out that you have to notify this at City Hall through a form. Even when the bingo is free, but has prices. This form takes them two weeks to work through and file, so the bingo gets postponed again.

My best friend isn’t very happy at the moment either (for his privacy, I’ll leave the reasons out). And if all this wasn’t bad enough, I just heard that Aaron, who was maybe coming here for a holiday somewhere in December or January, unfortunately can’t make it anymore.

By the way, on itself all of the above would be manageable. But it’s on top of all the things I already mentioned before, as nothing of that has been solved yet. All of this is just too much going wrong in one week. In fact, in the middle of a very bad break down I told my mum: “Well, the one thing I got going for me is Aaron who might be coming…” Well, scratch that.

I still have a few friends and I got my family, which I didn’t forget, don’t worry. But I’ll need a bit more than that. Friends and family are great and I truly love them, but I need something in life just for me (like a job, or a volunteering thing, or something like that I mean) that is actually going well. Because right now I can’t see it.

If you can, feel free to mention it in a comment. I can truly use some positive things right now. Did I just ask for compliments? No I didn’t. I don’t need to hear great aspects of me. I’m not the type of person to ask for compliments, I feel compliments are something you need to earn, not ask for. I meant things that are going right for me, or things that I can do to get things back on track. Because right now, I can’t really see it myself and maybe others can.

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  1. I hate those kind of weeks, and although people might tell you to man up or something. Just go with it for a while. Feel crap about it! You were looking forward to Aaron for a long time and our friends depression isn't something easily worked on too.
    However, in about 1.5 weeks you have the Abunai Meeting where you will see all of your friends, and Abunai itself is a week after that. For now, go with the flow and look forward to better weeks ;)