Saturday, 11 August 2012

Driving lesson

I was still in a bad mood when I woke up yesterday morning and I had a driving lesson. Because of this, I took my time to wake up slow, because I would need all the energy I had for this lesson. I had doom scenarios in my head, where I would mess up everything, because my head is somewhere else.

As usual, my driving lesson started with telling my instructor what was on my mind. She knows that this influences the driving lesson, that’s why she always asks. She understood that I probably wasn’t going to perform at my best level, so she started off slow. Then something happened to me… I had to focus on what was happening, but not so much that my head would explode. It was the perfect amount of focussing where no other thoughts were allowed in, but my head wasn’t crammed with information either.

Suddenly my head cleared up. My mind went clear and I could focus on what I was doing. Along with this change, my mood changed too. I could see the bright weather that was outside and I felt confident in what I was doing again. Driving turned out to be very therapeutic! I loved my driving lesson and it allowed for me to have a clear view on my life again. This doesn’t mean that all my problems are solved, but it does mean that I can finally start making new plans on how to handle all of this.

This is how important a good instructor is. My previous instructor wasn’t trained to work with people with Autism. I started out happily driving, but she ended up just stressing me out. This new instructor changed everything and brought back my love for driving, and this cleared the way for new directions (pun intended) in my life. I wonder where this will take me.


  1. Fijn dat de rijles je zo goed heeft gedaan.
    Ook mooi dat je zo een instructrice gevonden hebt :)

    Bij mij zorgt trouwens paardrijden ervoor dat ik meer terug kan komen in het hier en nu, mij kan richten op mijn paardje en verders even niets. Best relaxed!
    (Rijden he, daar zit het hem vast in, lol).

    1. Yup, rijden, in wat voor vorm dan ook, werkt schijnbaar heel goed! ^_^

  2. Your instructor is a great example of a good driving instructor. Other qualities that an instructor must have are patience and understanding. As an instructor, she must expect that she will be dealing with different people with different thoughts and behavior. She must always develop ways on how she could effectively relay those driving rules and principles, so that her students can efficiently put it into practice as well.

    1. She is really great. You're right in that patience and understanding is very important and she has that too. Also, she is very flexible. I kept coming back to her, telling her that I just couldn't get the theory of driving in my head. After trying a few methods, she actually sat down with me for an hour, free of charge, and had a good look at my study book and everything that I was having problems with. She then explained them all and gave me a new advice on how to study. She's truly amazing!