Friday, 10 August 2012

Gaming memory lane

Tonight I have been reading up on a bit of game knowledge about Mario. Up until now I knew most things (like that the Super Mario Bros. 3 - World 3 tune is the same tune that’s used for the Fairy Fountain in Zelda), but it still led me to browse around on the internet to listen to those tunes, or watch some old cartoons that aren’t airing anymore, featuring those games.

I’ve spoken about memory association before. In that post I spoke about it in a negative way, but it can be very positive too. In this case it was very positive. Just listening to these tunes, or watching these cartoons, brought be back to my childhood. Especially the Super Mario Brothers tunes brought me back to all those times that I played on the NES. All those birthdays where friends and family asked us to bring out the NES so that we could play on it and we could show every new feature that we discovered.

I also remembered the first time I saw the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and the Mario anime they aired. All these things came back to me and for a moment I felt like I was back in those days. I’m not saying my childhood was all sunshine and roses at all, but I loved playing on the NES. This makes me want to get the NES out again and play some more. I think it’s somewhere in the attic where I can’t reach though… I might ask my brother… (it’s his NES actually)

And it’s not just Mario that I loved playing of course. Memories of playing Kirby and Duck Hunt and many more games also came back to me. I still remember that my brother once tried playing Duck Hunt with a small hand mirror and actually managed to shoot a few ducks… Now, excuse me while I’m off to listen to some more old game tunes.

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  1. Zal wel leuk zijn als je de NES tevoorschijn kunt halen ;)
    Ikzelf ben niet zo'n gamer.
    Maar zelfs ik speel nog weleens games die we als kind ook speelden (jaja, een beetje gamen heb ik ook nog wel gedaan :P ).
    Is inderdaad best grappig!