Thursday, 13 December 2012

Made it!

I passed my test! This means that I won't have to do my special maneuvers at the final exam. I'm so happy!
With my negative way of thinking, I could only see everything that went wrong in the last lesson and I couldn't see this test go right. This, of course, was a self-fulfilling prophecy and the drive to the test and the practice in the neighborhood went terrible, as my nerves were distracting me. While driving on the parking spot of the examination building I broke down in tears from all the tension. My driving instructor allowed me to let it all out and comforted me a bit.

Throwing out all my emotions actually seemed to do the trick and the test itself went alright! Of course, not everything went well, but it went well enough to pass. I'm so happy! Upon arriving home I got quite hungry and made myself a nice meal. My mother put up some Christmas music and now I'm simply enjoying having passed the test.

The rest of the family is obviously very happy for me. Also, my sister got the package she was waiting anxiously for today and she also heard she passed a test for her administration study too! (Congratulations sis!) So the mood has lifted a bit at home, which also relieves some tension for me.

Next week I planned to have a week off. Only on Thursday I have a busy day, because there were some urgent appointments, but the rest of the week is free. I'm going to fill that time in any way I want. That's my time and I'll see how I'll spend it. I can really use that time off. Let's hope I have some more positive things to say in my blog that week!


  1. Van harte gefeliciteerd Ellen en je zus ook.

  2. Ellen...wat goed van je! Daar kun je trots op zijn, ik ben het wel op jou :-).

    Groetjes Annerieke

  3. :) :) :)

    Toppie hoor!
    Zowel jij als je zus gefeliciteerd!