Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fun and annoyances at the same time

Soooo... I have no idea whether to make this a positive blogpost or a negative one. Let's start out with the positive.

Last Friday Chill Aut (the Weekly Autism Meeting) had its one year anniversary. Of course we celebrated this! We had lots of food, a nice workshop and other things to do, a speech, decorative balloons, etc. Everyone who was interested was invited! I had a great time.

The day after that (Saturday) I went to the MidWinterFair. I go there every year with my mother and sister and this year was no different. My best friend was also tagging along. Like every year I had a blast. I got to watch my best friend's brother, a friend of mine and another person do a story telling, which they were great at. There was also a ceremony which I attended. Between all of this I visited many shopping stands and got myself a pair of arm sleeves and a new bag. I also enjoyed some nice food, which matched the theme, which they always sell there.
Friday and Saturday were great!

Of course, as is always the case, fun days take their toll just a little bit more with me. But I calculated this in my planning, so that's okay right? I'd just do nothing the whole Sunday, so I'd have plenty of energy to calmly get some stuff done on Monday again. Great planning right? Wrong. My sister and I had to clean up the house and there was tension in the atmosphere at home. I was still very tired, so I couldn't do much, but while being this tired, having to do things on a day where I planned to do nothing so I could rest up was already too much.

In conclusion, on Monday I was still pretty tired. This caused for my schedule to fall apart. I couldn't do much on Sunday, but that little bit was already too much and now my Monday was ruined too. How would I be able to get anything done like this? I tried to get some stuff done on my laptop, while playing a game once every hour or so to avoid overload (I always get overloaded with information sooner when I'm tired). This seemed to work, but soon my laptop started having issues again. Bye bye back-up planning.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that. My laptop got back from repairs. Apparently they had to format (whipe) my hard disk in order to fix it. In other words: I lost everything. When I contacted them they told me I should've made a back-up and that this was mentioned in their mail. Their mail was huge and I had a few very busy weeks...

My father was nice enough to help me fix my laptop, but this took up all evening. So I struggled with my laptop all afternoon and my father was fixing it all evening.
I decided to go and work on my homework for my driving lessons, as I didn't need a laptop for that. I tried to use the television as distraction in-between to avoid overload. This somewhat worked, but I could hyperfocus on my game, but I couldn't hyperfocus on the television as much. Also, I seemed more available to talk to in the eyes of the rest of the family. This just caused for more information and more overload. Of course they can't be blamed, as I can hardly tell them to shut up and my tv remote in my room has broken, so that wasn't an option either.

So... I didn't get much done, I'm still tired and I have a busy week ahead again. On Thursday I have my 'Tussentijdsetoets' (a test where you show a few special maneuvers when driving. If you pass this, you won't have to do this part on your practical exam. If you fail it, you will have to do them on your practical exam. So you won't have to re-do this test, but of course I still want to pass it).

What is also not helping all of this, is that I don't seem to get along with my new psychologist. This has to improve soon, or I'll ask if I can get my old psychologist back.

So, I had two great days, but they were closed with two terrible days and I don't expect the rest of the week to cheer me up, as I'll be stressing out about Thursday.
Let's just focus on Christmas... Right? (I LOVE Christmas!!!)

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