Wednesday, 21 November 2012


While I'm writing this, I'm waiting for a workshop to start. There are around 20 people waiting too and most if them have started a conversation.

The person left of me, the person right of me and I are silent though. I would like to start a conversation with them, but after a few attempts I gave up and am, instead, writing this blogpost on my mobile phone.

I wonder... are these people maybe not interested in a conversation? Do they have social issues like me? Do they have trouble connecting too? Do they maybe think I'm weird or something? Why is the rest having a conversation and I'm not?

Oh I just got spoken to and I answered with a short answer and went back to my blogpost. It's me after all. I have no idea what to say to these people.

Usually I have few problems with my autism, but this is one of those few times that I do have a problem with it. Well the workshop is almost starting, so I'll be signing off now.

1 comment:

  1. Soms kan stilte best een mooi iets zijn.
    Je zou maar altijd conversaties aan moeten gaan zeg..

    Wat voor een workshop heb je eigenlijk gevolgd?