Monday, 27 January 2014

Finally the right help

Remember that I was trying to apply for money for proper guidance? Also, remember that I got totally lost in all the forms needed to do so, and that I also couldn't get the information organised on paper properly?
I'm finally getting proper help with that!

Let's start from the beginning, because there's more good news. In the city that I live in, they started a type of sheltered housing that's just right for me! It's specifically for people with Autism. First, they'll let me live in a type of sheltered housing for 2 to 3 years, where they train me on how to take care of a household on my own. This way, I can get used to the big change, without having to wait about 2 hours before someone helps me with my panic attack (which by then has probably already passed, and having all the psychological damage done already). I can also learn all the household chores with someone standing right next to me, teaching it to me in a very autism friendly way. The driving school story probably told you how important autism friendly teaching is for me.

After those 2 to 3 years, I would go to live in a 'studio'. This is a one-floor house (at least, that's what I understood from it). They're rebuilding a school nearby into 5 of these studios. In this way I can live on my own, but still have the guidance counsellors nearby, just in case. This is perfect! I don't think I need intense guidance my whole life, but I don't think I can do it on my own in one go either. That step is just too big. There are other places with a similar type of protect housing nearby, but then I'm usually mixed up with other people with different types of psychological disorders. Having guiding people who are specialised in autism, just works way better for me. They know exactly what they're doing!

Now, here's the glitch. To get that type of housing, I'll need to apply for an even slightly different kind of fund than what I was applying for. Isn't this just maddening? I explained that to the people from the sheltered housing and they immediately understood and got me in touch with someone who specifically helps people with applying for, and managing, these funds for a living. GREAT!

She has been absolutely amazing for me. She took the time to explain everything that was going to happen, to me. She then asked me tons of questions and used the answers to make a report herself. So I didn't have to do that. I only had to check if I agreed with what was in the report.
I sent her my feedback with what needed changing in my opinion, and after changing that, she sent the report to the proper place. About a week later (that was fast!) I got a letter from the fund-people (CIZ. I don't know how to properly translate that to English. It's so specific...) with an appointment to have a talk. I could bring 1 person and I decided upon bringing that person who's helping me with all this, because she understands this so well! She agreed.

Of course, this isn't promising anything yet. If it turns out that I can't get the proper funding, then all of these plans won't happen. Then I'm back at square one. So don't cheer yet. We're not out of the woods. But it might be a start? And at least I'm not left to figure this out on my own anymore. Let's focus on that.


  1. Heey,
    Vast succes met het gesprek.
    Ik hoop dat je de juiste indicatie krijgt!

  2. Ik hoop dat het lukt en je over een aantal jaar er hetzelfde bij kan zitten ongeveer als ik binnenkort. ;)
    Groetjes Rob v/d Wal.