Thursday, 2 May 2013

I'm back!

Hey everyone! I’m back! Sorry for having been absent lately. My life has been very busy and I simply didn’t have the energy to be thinking about my blog. I’m so sorry.
I have been very busy combining my healing process (medical and psychological appointments, and plenty of rest) with an event that I was putting up: The Game Day. It’s an event where people can play different kind of games all day for free. During this day we also spread information about autism through two guest speakers and an information market, and we raised money for the AutismFund.

This event wasn’t supposed to be taking so much from me, but it did. I was absolutely convinced that the Game Day was cursed. I’m used to things with events not going exactly as planned, but with the Game Day everything that could go wrong in the process of putting up the event, actually went wrong. Getting everything right again took most of my energy. The Game Day, in my mind, just had to be cursed and because of that I didn’t really believe in the event going right anymore.

How wrong I was! The Game Day actually went pretty well. Of course, it didn’t go perfectly. It was the first time we put up something like that after all. But the visitors seemed to be having a lot of fun, the speakers had a great and interested audience, the information market had some very interested visitors, and… we raised 643 euros for the AutismFund!

I am so happy! We had a lot of visitors asking us if we would do this again next year. Before the day of the event itself I would’ve said “no”. Just too much went wrong. But after I’ve seen how much fun everyone had and having had comments from people with autism like “Just knowing where I can find the right help has already made the whole day worth it!” I changed my mind. This is what I did it for. We still have to discuss this in an evaluation meeting and all the people who funded this event have to agree, but as for me? I’m up for another year.
I’m also convinced next year should go a lot smoother, as we’re more experienced now and there are a few companies we can ask to come back next year, so we don’t have to make new contacts for a few things anymore.

Now that the Game Day is done, I got some more spare time and energy left. So I’ll try to update my blog more frequently again.


  1. Nice blog Ellen. I had very much fun at the gameday and i hope it comes back next year!

    I will follow your blog from now on ;).

    Goodluck <3

    ~ xoxo Nathanja

  2. I liked to read your blog,
    Also I am glad you're happy with the fact that people (like me and my sister) let you know how happy they are with finding the right help, or at least where to look for the right help.
    I still think the Game Day was a great initiative, especially the part with the autism related things,
    And I think things like this should be done more often and in more places, because no matter how much of a great time Iv'e had and how much Iv'e learned, Almere is still quite a distance to travel from Oss. I have gotten more inspiration and energy to see if I can do things, and more will to go on, a sense of being. Oh well, you've done a great job, as I knew you would. :-)

    Kind regards Rob v/d Wal