Monday, 5 May 2014

The future is bright and scary

First of all the VERY good news: I got the funding for the guidance that I need! I can hardly believe it. All my life I have had to fight to get the proper help, because from the outside I seem like I can handle everything just fine, while on the inside I had to fight to the point of falling apart. Now I can finally get the support I need. I'm so happy!

Of course, this means that some new (new... different... scary...) things have been set in motion. I got a coach who supports me in a lot of different areas in my life. There have been two appointments so far. We're trying to have one appointment each week for now and we'll see where we'll end up. I'm curious to see what will come out of this.

The place that I have found, where I can get training for living on my own, is still being build. They expect it to be done somewhere between September and December. I'm one of the first people on the waiting list, so when the building is done, I can immediately move in! That's fast, isn't it? I'm very excited about this! But, of course, this is a very big change in a small amount of time, which means it is scary as hell. I have never moved to a different living place before, so this isn't just a big change, but it's also something new. I have no idea what to expect and am very scared. It's a good change though. I hope this will help me on my way to independence and some structured living (= peace of mind).

I also got someone to help me manage the funding for the guidance. I'll be meeting him in two days.

So, those are the first changes that have been made by using the funding that I received. It's all for the better and I'm very excited! At the same time I'm very scared. There are a lot of mixed emotions.

As for my volunteering work as an autism experience expert: I've promoted the usage of experience experts of different kinds towards some coaches and I've helped out at a symposium. I've also gone to a one day training to improve my presentation skills. This was a lot of fun! After that I haven't done anything for a month, but that's partly because there simply wasn't much to do and partly because I've been very busy with starting up this whole guidance thing. Soon I'll be starting a (longer) training to help me make better use of my knowledge in the field. I'm always striving to do better!

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